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    Catholic Community Services
    Community Early Learning Circle

    It was amazing hanging out with the kids that were there! We played games and goofed around. I felt so connected to them just by following their lead and interacting with them in a silly way. It was a great experience and I would love to do it again. One women who worked there asked if I was a mother and when I said no she said I would make a great mom!

    Gave 5.50 hours on 12/07/2019
    Catholic Community Services

    I have been meeting with the same kids and I appreciate how our relationships have grown!

    Gave 3.30 hours on 12/04/2019
    Catholic Community Services

    I worked with 2 kids one on one and one group of 2 boys. Tutoring two kids was hard but I managed to help them both. I am enjoying building relationships with them.

    Gave 3.30 hours on 11/20/2019
    Catholic Community Services

    It was very interesting to work with the kids there. It was hard at first but I think I made good progress with them!

    Gave 3.30 hours on 11/13/2019