Seattle World School & Kandelia



Help students from around the world achieve their academic goals by volunteering with Seattle World School and Kandelia! 

Seattle World School is a culturally and linguistically diverse secondary school designed to serve newcomer immigrant and refugee students.
Recently arrived refugee and immigrant youth experience tremendous barriers to success and self-sufficiency. To help overcome some of those barriers, the school offers a specialized on-site health clinic, enrollment center, and family support center. English language support is integrated with academic courses, and all students are able to participate in extended day academic programs and extracurricular activities. Seattle World School is part of Seattle Public Schools.

Kandelia is a small non-profit organization that partners with Seattle World School to provide after school, weekend, and other support programs for students and their families. Programs include English classes for adults and youth, a variety of extracurricular activities, whole-family support, job training, food support, and in-class academic support. Kandelia aims to provide programs and services that remove barriers to opportunities so immigrant and refugee communities can flourish without compromising values, heritage, or ethnicity.

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Created on Sep 24, 2019