Soccer Without Borders



The soccer field is one of few places where newcomer youth immediately feel confident, counted, and like they can express themselves and contribute. When youth first come to the U.S., most feel the opposite. They are overwhelmed by what they donât know, and feel helpless and alone in almost every aspect of life. Too often, these youth turn to unhealthy behaviors, rejecting that which makes them feel incompetent. Soccer can reach these young people in a way that no other activity can. When intentionally designed, soccer can be a powerful interpersonal learning environment that provides the skills and supports that young people need to reach their full potential. Youth enter Soccer Without Borders at varying levels of soccer ability, English ability, and comfort in their communities; all are welcome and flexibility and innovation are key. Our core, team-based program offers soccer and off field activities for more than 35 weeks per year, 6-12 hours per week to middle and high school-aged participants. This creates a feeling that goes beyond team: SWB becomes family.
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